The Sting

The Sting Gin and Tonic


The Sting Gin is one of the most special Gins produced in London. It is a London Dry Gin (for being a London Dry Gin there are strict analysis) mixed with a Small Batch production.

The term Small batch Gin denotes a Gin produced by mixing the contents of a relatively small number of distilled portions. Small-batch gins are positioned for the upper-premium market. The majority of small batch gins are produced in U.K. and U.S.A., the two countries most traditionally associated with Gin.

It is 5 times distilled in a copper pot still, infused with 10 different herbs.

The Sting is a Dry Gin, since we introduce a little portion of gin in our mouth, we can appreciate all the citrus flavors typical from Dry Gins. Some cinnamon notes appear after some seconds.


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